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OKC's Next Public Art Gallery


39th St. District and Oklahoma Mural Syndicate are accepting partnerships for 39th St. Walls. A curated mural project from the folks who brought you Plaza Walls. 


Plaza Walls started as a way to turn a scary alley into a public art gallery but soon became one of OKC’s most popular tourist attractions and selfie spots, helping to attract investors and new businesses to the district.


39th St. District, which boasts a rich LGBT history and award winning entertainment venues, is in partnership with the city through the Commercial District Revitalization Program. Through 39th St. Walls we hope to transform a drab area into one that reflects our vibrant, fun culture. 


This is a great opportunity for your company to prominently advertise their support for the arts and the LGBT community. 


Your support will reach thousands of potential customers and give you the opportunity to be part of an exciting project that will grab attention.

Make a supporting contribution. (<$300)

Sponsor a wall and get credit. (>$300)

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