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39th District is a gathering place for people from all over the state. In the coming year, we hope to develop our district into a diverse attractive neighborhood that serves the community for more than just the Pride festival. 


In addition to a request for street enhancement funds from the city, our plan includes the commissioning of murals, community engagement and monthly live events. 

PHASE   1   


39th District Association has selected the proposal of William Walker Larason & Amanda Zoey Weathers titled, RESILIENCE, to install on it's first mural site at 2116 NW 39th. A beautiful statement that honors the history and future of the district, the city & the state. It features Oklahoma wildflowers & several symbols of peace, resilience and acceptance. We look forward to it's installation in time for OKC Pride. UPDATE: The owner has changed his mind about the mural and we are currently scouting a new location. 

PHASE   2   


39th District Association is seeking volunteers for our Beautify 39 service team. 
Beginning April 23 and continuing monthly. 39th District will host a a series of events including a Beautify Day for picking up litter, planting and watering flowers and general community service. 
If you would like to be notified of future event, please fill out this form to be placed on our volunteer list or RSVP to our Facebook event. 

Thanks for your interest in Beautify 39! We will put you on the list of sparkly citizens.

PHASE   3   


Our board has commissioned a design of possible updates for our street. In the coming months, we will be working with the city to request our project to be on the priority funding list for the Better Streets, Safer City.

Priority enhancements for our street include: 

Lighting on all streets 

Angled parking 

Full sidewalks 

Bike racks / bike lane 

More trees and landscaping 

Branding identifiers 

Outdoor gathering space 

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