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Hotel Habana overhaul in full swing

Major changes are coming to a long-standing 39th Street staple. As of January, of this year The Habana Inn changed names and owners. Now The Hotel Habana, renovations have begun and the community is excited. A cornerstone of the “Gayborhood” near NW 39th and Penn, the hotel has been dubbed “The Southwest’s Largest Gay Resort.” Home to the famed Copa and Finishline night clubs, the Habana has been a gathering spot for many travelling down the historic Route 66 but some updates have been long overdue. 


Renovations began last fall to update the rooms to provide a more luxury experience for guests and will continue into the new year but changes can already be seen at the hotel. Guests checking in now can expect to see fresh paint on the walls, better quality linens and towels, improvements to overall cleanliness, higher security, and more suite options available to guests. Other rooms are being fully remodeled to provide a more luxury experience.  


Future plans are much bigger, according to new owner, Tom.  Updates to the restaurant are underway, with the goal to update the menu to provide a more full-service experience as well as room service for guests. There are also plans to renovate and update the lobby experience as well as enclose the pool on the east side of the property so it can be open all year round. 


When asked about the daunting prospect of coming in to make changes to such a staple in the community, Tom has had a great experience. 


“Most people have been very supportive and encouraging. I’ve had a few people mention I’m keeping the hotel alive and preserving that history for the community which is great.”


But he hopes that going forward The Hotel Habana will become known less as a gay resort but one that is even more inclusive. 


“Instead of it being a gay resort, we’re looking to make it more inclusive for everyone. Where people can be who they are and relax.”


In that vein he aims to do what he can to make it as inclusive to all as possible with updates like unisex bathrooms modeled after those at The Jones Assembly in downtown OKC. 


When asked about the nightclubs inside the bar the plans weren’t so clear. There aren’t any details yet but he has plans to bring a Hollywood set and interior designer to assess the space and suggest updates. 


Renovations are projected to be completed by the end of 2020.

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