• Lauren Brazzle Zuniga

The Mayor Came to 39th

We were excited to get confirmation that the mayor would make an appearance and welcome statement at our July Mixer but we had no idea he would stay the whole time and listen to our concerns about the street. According to gay historians, that is the first time the mayor has publicly visited the gayborhood.

Equally as geek-worthy was the attendance of Oklahoma City Director of Public Works, Eric Wenger, Director of Planning, Aubrey McDermid and Planner Extraordinaire, Kim Cooper-Hart as well as other members of the planning department.

Mr. Wenger gave a great talk about the past efforts to work on the street and how the funding wasn't there but now with the passing of the sales tax through Better Streets, Safer City, the funding is there. We've already seenplanners and engineers surveying the street, so in the words of Mr. Wenger, "the process has begun."

Special thanks to Elizabeth Horn, Program Director for Freedom Oklahoma for helping us put this event together. It went so well, we've decided to co-host our mixers in the future.

Also thanks to Diversity Center for providing the space for our mixer.

Mayor David Holt, Director of 39th St. District Lauren Zuniga, Director of Programming Freedom Oklahoma, Elizabeth Horn