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Board of Directors

John Gibbons, President:John Gibbons has served on the Board of Director's of OKC Pride from 2009 to 2017. During the time he served on the Board, OKC Pride Inc., the annual event grew and became one of the most significant privately-held events in Oklahoma each year.


John is currently the CFO of Bay Entertainment LLC and former CEO and President of Citimac Mortgage Solutions Corporation. When the company sold in March of 2010 it was one of the largest privately owned mortgage banking groups in the Midwest.

For OKC Pride, John has served as the lead of the finance committee and chairs the Entertainment Committee that produced the Equality Concerts. 

Craig Poos, Vice President: A founding member of the 39th District since 2012, Craig Poos is an Oklahoma Native, having grown up in Edmond. He purchased the Phoenix Rising with his partner George Siemens in 2006 and Apothecary 39 in 2014.

Sam Ward, Treasurer: Sam Ward is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and a native Oklahoman. His degree in business administration has led him to his current role as Business Solutions Specialist.


Sam has served on a number of non-profit boards in Oklahoma City over the past 5 years. Community development is something he feels strongly about and is proud to help that become a reality with the 39th Street Association.

Craig Coffin: Craig M. Travis-Coffin, Owner of Craig's Emporium, has been an out and proud businessman in Oklahoma City since 1995, when he opened the Emporium on Paseo. Craig and his husband, Joe, have great pride in cultivating Craig's Emporium as a safe place for the LGBT community to shop and socialize over the past 25 years. 

Having been a business owner in the Paseo since 1995 he is experienced and well equipped to help facilitate the growth and cultivation of the 39th Street District!

Thomas Lagatta: Thomas Lagatta graduated from UCLA school of Dentisty in 1972 and entered private practice that same year. 

After several years of successful practice he bagged purchasing income properties. Most of these involved renovations of some kind. By the turn of the century managing the properties had become a full-time occupation and Dr. Lagatta sold his dental practice in order to focus on the income properties. 

In early 2019 the Habana Inn was purchased with high expectations of maintaining and improving a venue where all members of the LGBTQ+ community were welcomed and respected.

Ginger McGovern: Ginger McGovern is a retired civil engineer and has volunteered with many nonprofits in Oklahoma City, including the 39th Street District Association, Herland Sister Resources, The Center at UCO, SISU Youth Services, Neighborhood Alliance, and Positive Tomorrows.

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