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We're interviewing interested and qualified applicants as we hire an Executive Director of 39th Street District and OKC Pride. 

Apply Below

OKC Pride and 39th St. District are collaboratively hiring an Executive Director. 


OKC Pride and 39th St. District are collaboratively hiring an Executive Director to lead the District in building a strong identity as a diverse and thriving pedestrian-friendly area where all are welcome to experience the annual Pride festival, local entertainment, restaurants, retail, and services in this colorful and historic enclave between Penn and Youngs on historic Route 66.


Expected Salary: $50,000 per year + % of fundraising.




  • Office management skills

  • Formal committee leadership experience

  • Marketing experience

  • Financial management skills

  • Event coordination experience

  • Public Relations experience

  • Fundraising and sales experience

  • Business relationship and networking experience

  • Recruiting experience

  • Communication experience

  • Public speaking skills

  • Grant writing skills

  • City initiative/beautification experience



1. Membership (for 39th St. district only)

  a. Coordinate efforts with Membership Committee during member drive efforts to encourage new sign-ups, renewals and lapsed memberships.

  b. Update website profile page content, member social media information and digital assets.

  c. Manage membership benefits to ensure all members receive inclusions of dues paid according to their tier level.

  d. Coordinate and prepare annual Membership Meeting, Compose and share annual membership summary overview of dues allocation and outcomes.

  e. Strengthen relationships through personal connections and regular communication with members.


2. Media/Marketing Services

  a. Work with our social media personnel to negotiate and secure quarterly and bi-annual Premier Member media opportunities 

  b. Coordinate, plan and secure all district-wide media needs 

  c. Partner with key stakeholders to promote newsworthy district updates; press contacts, social media support, Nextdoor website, etc.


3. Event Planning

  a. City permitting, participant recruitment, update vendor/partner database including all necessary licenses, marketing and creative design of all event materials, press contact and 

promotional support, budget management and all logistics.

  b. Coordination of all event committees.

  c. Support and partner in district and non-district hosted events. 


4. Sponsorship & Fundraising Support

  a. Work with Board Members and Fundraising Committee to prospect sponsorship support.

  b. Prepare and present sponsorship proposals to key contacts.

  c. Manage and track the use of funds and summaries to sponsor partners/contributors.

  d. Establish and manage relationships with potential sponsors through the use of a customer relationship management system. Executive Director should aim to accumulate 12 new sponsors over the course of each year. 


5. Board Meetings

  a. Responsible for working with the Board President to coordinate and host monthly Board


  b. Prepare and distribute meeting agenda, updates, financial reports and supporting materials as needed.

  c. Work with subcommittee chairs to effectively manage all district needs.


6. Intern Coordination

a. Recruit, hire and manage seasonal intern support.


7. Neighborhood Stewardship

  a. Coordinate with key neighborhood partners and contacts to communicate news, information, and promotional support efforts.

  b. Attend Neighborhood Alliance meetings as needed.


8. Commercial District Revitalization Program (CDRP) and Other

  a. Act as the key district point of contact for all property owners and tenants.

  b. Coordinate ongoing property owner meetings quarterly to discuss, review and synthesize common interests of parties.

  c. Coordinate meetings with district committees as needed to discuss, review and vote on initiatives that impact the district (beautification,signage, etc.).

  d. Attend City CDRP meetings and prepare/present district overview and any required reports.

  e. Attend and prepare information for any district relevant City of OKC meetings as needed (i.e. Route 66 Committee meeting, All Districts meeting, Arts Commission mural training, etc.).

  f. Coordinate Twisted Plaza and yearly beautification project.


9. Financials

  a. Coordinate with the Treasurer for all vendor payments, bookkeeping needs, check authorizations and to itemize expenses. 

  b. Manage bank accounts and coordinate payments as needed. 

  c. Coordinate with (CPA firm) for annual WA 990 as well as monthly financial statements for CDRP; these quarterly statements need to be sent to the City of OKC in accordance with the CDRP contract.

  d. Work with the Board to create the annual association operating budget (January).

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Thanks for applying! We really hope you are "the one"! 

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